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Listen your way to success as an Etsy seller with THE original
"How to Sell on Etsy" audio recordings.

Read to you by Ijeoma, Host of the Etsy Conversations Podcast.

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Learn exactly how to sell on Etsy right from the source

Etsy changes all the time, and very quickly too... I will help you stay on top of EVERYTHING you need to know to be a successful seller on Etsy.

  • Are you ready to start making consistent sales on Etsy?
  • Are you ready to grow your Etsy-based business?
  • Are you finally ready to stop chasing after all the latest "tips and tricks for selling on Etsy"?

TRUTH: Etsy provides a lot of insightful ideas, processes, and methods for helping your business, but reading about all of those things takes time — and a lot of it!

That's where I and The Seller's Resource come in...

By drawing on:

  • My own personal experience as a seller, in combination with...
  • The hundreds (yes, hundreds...!) of recorded conversations I've had on the Etsy Conversations Podcast with other Etsy sellers, AND
  • The ideas, processes, and methods described in Etsy's own Handbook.

I am going to help you take your Etsy-based business to the next level.

To do this, I have created an audio Etsy Seller's Resource that is easy for new and established sellers to consume and immediately act on.

The Seller's Resource is an ever-expanding library of audio recordings that will teach you THE best:

  • Methods of selling your products on Etsy (and beyond)
  • Systems of doing business on Etsy (and beyond), and 
  • Processes to help you be successful on Etsy... and beyond
Enrollment Currently Closed

Listen Your Way To Etsy Seller Success

What's Your Time Really Worth?

I can help you process what you're learning about how to sell on Etsy by presenting it in a convenient, easily digestible format.

With The Seller's Resource you can:

  • Listen while you work
  • Listen while you craft
  • Listen while you drive
  • Listen while you source

Your eyes and hands are free so you can multi-task.

You CAN do other things while you listen and learn.

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Mentorship & Community

As a member of The Seller's Resource Community, you'll have:

  • Priority access to me within the membership area
  • Access to a community of supportive like-minded, driven sellers
  • The optional ability to participate in Seller Challenges to give your shop a boost
  • Exclusive members-only deals & discounts from 3rd party vendors
Enrollment Currently Closed

What Others Are Saying

"Thanks so much for an inspirational message, especially about not giving up on Etsy… You so kindly directed me to useful information about Teams and other Etsy stuff…"

~ Katy

"I spent an entire drive from Chicago to St. Louis listening to your podcasts… I just wanted to say thanks for the entertainment and solid advice! …Thanks for your dedication to helping others learn."

~ Brooke

"I’m so happy that I found your podcasts… I found the first one so helpful that I started listening to them about two a day. I even bought a notebook to keep track of the takeaways from each episodes…These podcasts have been not only helpful to hear, but also inspirational…"

~ Sharon

"I love the Etsy Conversations Podcast… I’ve been plowing through the episodes and taking lots of notes. These episodes are proving to be rich resources. Very inspiring!"

~ Lauren

"…Since I started listening to the podcast, I feel like I have my own mastermind team behind me!"

~ Phoenix

"I discovered the podcast a few weeks ago and I can’t stop listening! Each one has something unique and valuable to share… The podcast is helping me understand what I need to do. Thank you for providing this excellent service."

~ Mary

"The podcast has taught me so much and really motivated me as a maker…"

~ Elizabeth

"I’ve learned so much… My new-found knowledge will serve me well as I re-launch my Etsy shop"

~ Belle

"Thank you so much for your fabulous and informative program…"

~ Cieloscent

"I am not yet an Etsy seller but am wanting to open my own shop… Your podcast has taught me so much and it is really motivating me to jump on the wagon."

~ Daisy

"…I listen to the podcast religiously and it has been so helpful and inspiring for me."

~ Julie

"…Your podcasts are informative and interesting…"

~ Sonya

"I love your podcast. I jumped into my second Etsy shop… It has provided me with encouragement and inspiration"

~ Jen

The Seller's Resource

Enrollment Currently Closed

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